Determining the Cost of Surgery

The cost of your surgery is determined by three factors, each will be billed separately.

  • First, a single predetermined fee is charged for each type of procedure. This provides a reasonably accurate estimate of your surgery costs in advance. The fee includes medications, most standard supplies and the use of operating and recovery rooms.
  • Second, you will be billed for surgeon services, as well as for the services of the anesthesiologist and, if applicable, pathologist, radiologist and surgical assistants.
  • Third, you will be billed for any laboratory tests, if ordered.

Insurance and Payment of Bills

Most short stay surgical procedures are covered by standard medical insurance. Patients may be asked for a partial payment on admission to the center, subject to amount of insurance coverage. However, full payment is required at time of admittance for non-covered procedures and for patients who do not have medical insurance.

As a courtesy, Sky Ridge Surgical Center will pre-verify patient insurance coverage.

Billing Questions

Please contact our Central Business Office at (720) 279-2673 or